'Cooking w/ Eoin' - Online Cookery Classes

'Cooking w/ Eoin' is a 4 week online cookery course and class set. Over the space of the 4 weeks, sign up's will cook with Eoin LIVE each week covering a range of dishes, techniques and skills to make life easier and more exciting in the kitchen at home!

What to Expect:

- One Pot Wonders, Italian Classics, Dessert's to Impress, Quick Family Favourites etc. 

- Kitchen Essentials, Basic Knife Skills, Eoin's Kitchen Must-haves, Stocks/Soups, Leftover usage and much much more. 

- Detailed Shopping Lists in advance of sessions. 

- 12 dishes with full detailed recipe cards in advance.

- Weekly emails of tips and extra cooking info.

- Addition to a private group after the course to stay up to date with recipes, events and closed live cook-a-longs 

Once all spaces are filled, a day and time will be decided to try suit everyone's schedule's as best as possible - sessions will be recorded to catch up.

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